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White Waistbead

Original Sun, Sand & Beads Brand

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By Sun, Sand & Beads
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Here at Sun, Sand & Beads all of your beaded desires can be met. We make handmade and custom made beaded accessories including but not limited to anklets, bracelets, waistbeads, necklaces, bras & body beads ✨

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Providing convenient, affordable and unique products. The solid white waistbead will be custom fit to your measurement or averaged based off of the size chart provided. 

Ensure to send your measurement in the comment section or which averaged size based on the size chart you would like to use; along with a pendant style (gem, animal, religious, initial, etc)

Your product can be customized or averaged based on the size chart provided. You can provide your custom details in the comment section of your order with us.

Custom Handmade White Waist bead

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