About Us

Introducing POWER POINTZ - a new and innovative division of the CCM focus.

Capital City Marketing (CCM) is a fully integrated marketing and advertising agency located in The Bahamas. Our mantra is to provide innovative advertising and marketing solutions. Our cutting-edge marketing, advertising and public relation services now includes an exciting product built with merchants and customers in mind!

POWER POINTZ is a digital customer loyalty program and app, where customers can earn and redeem points with each transaction, they make at a merchant’s establishment


  • Earn points with each purchase you make
  • Redeem prizes
  • Review your transaction history
  • See merchant’s special offers
  • Track your points 
  • Join the birthday club 
  • Receive EXCLUSIVE deals only through the app

How POWER POINTZ Helps Merchants to win customers loyalty!

Builds customer and merchant relationship

Rewards customers for their loyalty

Increase customer satifaction

Increases sales

Creates word of mouth “BUZZ”, resulting in returning customers who will refer your business to new clients.


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