What is Power Pointz?

Power Pointz consists of two components, Loyalty and E-Commerce. The loyalty aspect is where merchants offer their customers points based on their amount spend. The customers can then use those points to receive prizes, discounts, etc. from the merchant. The E-Commerce aspect is where customers can shop from their favorite merchants from the comfort of their home and pay ONLINE! The option to pay cash in store or cash on delivery is still available!


Power Pointz is dedicated to giving BOTH the merchant and customer GREAT SERVICE! We all know the importance of having a loyalty program as merchants and we all love to earn points for prizes as customers. Who doesn't love the convenience of shopping at home? Did we forget to mention that customers can also earn points on the ecommerce platform? Merchants don't miss out on the opportunity to reward customers for their loyalty, because the benefits are endless, and every one loves to see their loyalty rewarded!

Power Pointz encourages all business whether small or large to join our platform and reap the benefits of this community.


  • Earn points with each purchase you make                             
  • Redeem prizes
  • Review your transaction history
  • See merchant’s special offers
  • Track your points 
  • Join the birthday club 
  • Receive EXCLUSIVE deals only through the app
  • Shop from the comfory of your own home 
  • Pay ONLINE 
  • Get deals when shopping online.